Top Uses and What to Look For in Bite Resistant Arm Guards

bite resistant arm guards

If anything has ever bitten you, you know the long-term repercussions and stress that follows. You need to have the bite treated, and then you have the concern of if the biter had a clean mouth. Did you contract something, and are you going to get sick?

When the biter is human, that concern dramatically increases. The human mouth is practically a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

When you work in a field where human bites are common, you need to protect yourself. Modern technology like bite resistant arm guards will protect you from the long-term harm and trauma that a human bite will cause.

Keep reading to learn everything you feed to know about arm guards from what they’re made of to who can benefit from them.

Why You Need Arm Guards

Bite resistant arm guards provide the best arm guard protection for individuals who work with volatile humans. A bite can happen in the blink of an eye, and in that nanosecond, that bite can tank both your career and your personal health.

Experts estimate that 10 to 15 percent of wounds from a human bite become infected. Individuals can contract diseases like syphilis, hepatitis B, and tetanus through a human bite. Worst of all, you can die from a human bite if you do not treat it.

Furthermore, when you sustain a bite, you sustain mental trauma in addition to the physical trauma. You will need to visit the hospital, and you will have to take time off and will lose time at work.

If you work in an environment where you can sustain a human bite on the arm, you’re already working in a high-stress environment. An arm guard will protect you from the physical and mental trauma of a bite.

Secondary Benefits

When you slide on an arm guard, you may feel a bit conspicuous. You might even wonder if you’re inviting trouble. But there are added benefits to wearing an arm guard, such as the following perks:

  • Improved arm circulation
  • Protection from common scratches and bumps
  • Sun protection
  • Regulated body temperature

If you’ve never sustained a bite at work, you can rest assured that you’re protecting yourself by wearing an arm guard. You’ll be able to do your job with confidence because you know you’re protected.


Manufacturers and designers have created bite-resistant arm guards and sleeves specifically for professionals who work with children that could scratch, bite, or pinch them.

Manufacturers recognize that if you’re working with kids who could bite you, you already have a  hard job. Thus they’ve worked hard to develop a product that breathes and feels good against the skin. Some even strove to create arm guards that feel soft and do not have the stiff, cold feel that early designs had.

If you work within the following professions, arm guards make sense.

  • Security
  • Corrections
  • Mental healthcare
  • Schools with kids who have autism, learning disabilities, or special needs

Professionals who work with unpredictable kids need an extra level of protection. Yes, you’re trained how to do safe holds or how to manage a student who acts out. Arm guards will protect you even more.


Manufacturers designed arm guards with qualities that deflect bites. So even if you a child attempts to bite you arm, you won’t feel it or sustain the broken skin that accompanies it. A quality arm guard will have the following qualities:


The arm guard should consist of a material of the highest standard. It should have a high resistance to punctures, abrasions, tears, and blades. You always rn the risk of sustaining a kick or punch in addition to a bite, so make sure the arm guard can stand up to this abuse.


The arm guards need to last for a significantly long time. It needs to stand up to the wear and tear of day-to-day work, especially if you work outside or have a hands-on job every day.


The guard needs to slide on easily over your clothing or under your clothing. You should be able to put it on quickly and take it off easily.


If you’re a full-time worker, you’ll be wearing arm guards for 40 hours or more a week. You need something comfortable. Make sure the arm guard consists of breathable material and feels comfortable to the touch.


A good arm guard should cost between $50 and $200. You do not want to spend too little lest the quality of the arm guard follows the price. But you also need arm guards you can afford.

Good arm guard companies will have additional assets to improve the arm guard. They may have a material that you can easily clean, since you’ll most likely end up with saliva or blood on guard. An arm guard with extra padding will minimize your bruising.

Also, look for a company that serves many different types of occupations. They should provide thousands of front line workers with their quality product. This tells you the arm guards work.

Protect Yourself

When you work in a volatile environment, you can best protect an arm from bites by having bite resistant arm guards. You prevent a future of lost hours or work, reduced income, hefty medical bills, and mental trauma when you protect your arms.

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