All of our bulletproof vests are made with Kevlar® XP™ by DuPont.

When a bullet strikes one of our bullet resistant vests, the resulting backface deformation could cause serious ballistic or trauma injuries. Kevlar® XP™ decreases the impact, reducing backface deformations by approximately 15% or more.

Kevlar® XP™ is also able to maintain its performance in the extreme field conditions that police officers face, including heat, humidity and mechanical wear.

Tests show that Kevlar® XP™ typically stops bullets within the first three layers of a vest designed with a total of 11 layers. The remaining layers of Kevlar® XP™ absorb the energy of the bullet, resulting in less trauma to the vest wearer.

Situations can change drastically in a matter of seconds and officers need to react on instinct. That’s why DuPont made comfort a priority. Kevlar® XP™ features a patented new woven fabric technology that enables vests to weigh at least 10% less than those made with other commercially available technologies, while still being made of all Kevlar® material.

Officers will have the freedom of movement they need to help protect themselves, their partners, and the public.