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BAC Tactical (an operating name of Body Armour Canada Ltd.) & its manufacturing partners warrants against defects in workmanship for 1 year from purchase date. This includes seams and tears in cloth that are due to faulty materials and/or workmanship, excluding normal wear and tear misuse and/or abuse. We retains the sole the right to determine whether any claimed product defect is in workmanship, materials, normal wear/tear, misuse or abuse


The ballistic panel is warranted to be of the same construction and design as the certified model listed on the label. The design of the bullet resistant elements have been tested and passed compliance requirements of NIJ Standard-0101.06 for the level stated on the ballistic label.  The bullet resistant elements are warranted for five (5) years from the date of manufacture to be free from defects. Upon timely notice, we will repair or replace any ballistic panel which, after examination, we determines an existence of a manufacturing defect. The panels and products are bullet resistant and will reduce the possibility of serious physical injury to the wearer/user. When used and/or worn as designed under normal wear conditions and with proper maintenance, the product is warranted to be bullet resistant for the life of this warranty. There should be absolutely no expectation of bullet resistance in areas not covered by the ballistic panel. The product is not warranted to be bulletproof


1. Any alteration, modification, attachment, enhancement or change to the item that was not performed by our manufacturing partners or without our express written permission in advance and with specific compliance with our terms thereof;
2. Abuse or misuse of the item;
3. Improper storage or maintenance of the item;
4. Penetrations as a result of ballistic testing or the results of any such testing;

We will make every reasonable effort to achieve customer satisfaction. Any remedies are at the sole discretion of BAC Tactical and our manufacturing partners and may include:a) replacement of the product, 2) exchange for a similar product, 3) refund of sale price, OR 4) whole or partial credit for future purchases of our products.