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Body Armor Protection Levels Explained

body armor

Did you know wearing body armor gives you a three times better chance of surviving a firearms attack? This statistic varies based on the quality and correct wearing of the items. Are you familiar with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) rating levels? When choosing the best protective products, it’s important to understand these ratings. […]

Top Reasons to Invest in Cut Resistant Clothing

cut resistant clothing

Employees who work on the front lines and protect the public are essential for maintaining safety. Protecting those front line employees from potential dangers is just as important. So, how do you reduce the risk of serious injury or death? Besides training and defense weapons, clothing resistant to slashes and cuts can keep front line […]

Top Uses and What to Look For in Bite Resistant Arm Guards

bite resistant arm guards

If anything has ever bitten you, you know the long-term repercussions and stress that follows. You need to have the bite treated, and then you have the concern of if the biter had a clean mouth. Did you contract something, and are you going to get sick? When the biter is human, that concern dramatically […]

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