Top Uses and What to Look For in Bite Resistant Arm Guards

bite resistant arm guards

If anything has ever bitten you, you know the long-term repercussions and stress that follows. You need to have the bite treated, and then you have the concern of if the biter had a clean mouth. Did you contract something, and are you going to get sick? When the biter is human, that concern dramatically […]

Press Release – May 12, 2018 Bite Resistant Arm Guards

Bite resistant arm guards

BAC Tactical Introduces Bite Resistant Arm Guards For Special Needs Classrooms The new product is designed to protect teachers and education assistants from children who bite, reports FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BAC Tactical is pleased to introduce a brand-new product in their highly sought after line of protective equipment. The company has just launched their […]

What do we mean by the best bulletproof vest?

Bulletproof vest Pro-Tac

If you want to own the best bulletproof vest or bulletproof clothing, as well as unique items such as bulletproof backpacks, briefcases and portfolios, then you have come to the right place. What do we mean by the best bulletproof vest? Well in our opinion “the best” is most definitely NOT the most expensive. If […]

Want to know more about BAC Tactical – Read on

bullet resistant vests

BAC Tactical is veteran owned and operated by former military, police and intelligence personnel.  We have also worked in the private security sector in North America, Europe and the Caribbean for the last 14 years. During our operational careers we have worn a variety of bulletproof vests (we know the term is bullet resistant but […]

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