8 Reasons to Carry REPULS® Deterrent Spray on You at All Times

deterrent spray

The world can be a dangerous place, especially if it’s dark out or you’re walking through a foreign neighborhood. You might even find yourself surprised by an attacker around the corner from your house. When that happens, it’s important that you have a way to defend yourself.

A gun is too lethal and can create an unwanted situation. Pepper spray works well as a deterrent, but it can last thirty minutes before it wears off.

The REPULS® Deterrent Spray is a newly developed option that provides an alternative to pepper spray and mace. Here are eight reasons you should carry one on your person wherever you go.

1. Respond to a Potential Threat

One of the main reasons to carry a deterrent spray with you at all times is for self-defense.

When a person is at home, they have access to a number of options to ward off a burglar. You can grab a baseball bat or some other kind of weapon, or call the police and hide. You’re not going to have those options when you’re walking the street.

A REPULS® Chemical Irritant fits in your bag or purse and can be used within seconds.

2. Incapacitate a Threat Non-Lethally

A big debate topic about firearms is the danger they bring to both the user and the attacker. Not everyone wants to injure someone, even if they’re being attacked.

Using a deterrent spray for self-protection allows you to incapacitate someone in the heat of the moment and temporarily blind them. While they’re down, you can escape and call for help.

3. Long Shelf Life

Most pepper sprays have a shelf life of two years. Expect the homemade variety to last an even shorter amount of time.

If you don’t remember to replace it, then you may end up in a situation where you prepared for the worst but your spray has expired. At that point, the bottle may not spray or it won’t be as irritating as it needs to be.

REPULS® is a pepper spray alternative that has a shelf life of five years, unused. Slap it in your bag and don’t worry about it going bad.

4. Irritant Removed With Water

One reason people may stray away from pepper spray is how debilitating it is. Once it’s in someone’s eyes, you often have to use soap and water to clean it out. There’s also a chance that off-gas can debilitate people nearby, including the user themselves.

The REPULS® chemical irritant stops irritating people when it has dried, and a single bottle of water can mitigate its effects. As such, it’s also easily removed from clothing and won’t spread onto other people or objects. This makes it useful for police officers, who have to grab suspects and transport them in their squad cars.

5. Legal in Every State

Gun legality differs from state to state. In some states, you can carry and store whatever gun you have, with or without a permit. Other states only allow you to have a concealed handgun as long as it’s stored in your vehicle or home.

As such, it can be tricky trying to travel around the United States with some kind of protection on hand.

Luckily, pepper spray and alternatives are legally allowed on your person in all 50 states. However, a few states limit the container size and what ages can purchase it.

6. Easy to Use and Carry

Personal protection can take a lot of forms, but they often require some kind of protective gear or weaponry. A person won’t be able to rely on a bulletproof vest in every situation, so they need something more portable and compact.

A handheld irritating agent usually comes in the form of a small canister you can store on your person. As such, they’re easy to conceal and carry as you go about your day. Some of them also come with a belt clip or hip holster for easier deployment.

To use a non-lethal spray, you simply unlock it, point the spray at someone, and press down on the trigger.

7. Less Harmful Than Pepper Spray

Pepper spray works as a non-lethal option, but it burns for a long time and can easily get into the eyes of people around the location it was released. There’s also a small chance that it permanently damages a person’s eye.

Meanwhile, REPULS® deterrent spray was made as a safer pepper spray alternative. It immobilizes, but doesn’t spread to others in the area. The irritating agent is also water-based and removed with water.

In contrast, other deterrent sprays are much more difficult to remove from everyone affected.

8. Useful in Multiple Capacities

A position in the police force is one of the many jobs that may have to deal with violent situations on a daily basis. However, firearms are only for worst-case scenarios, when there is no alternative available.

In most cases, someone who works with aggressive individuals needs a non-lethal deterrent that won’t cause lasting harm.

REPULS® deterrent spray is a piece of non-lethal equipment that could slot into anyone’s daily carry. It’s a good option for law enforcement, corrections, and any employee that needs a self-defense option. Civilians can also make use of it due to how safe it is to use and wash off.

Invest in Your Next Deterrent Spray

You shouldn’t cheap out on products for self-protection. While pepper spray can get the job done, it may also leave you also incapacitated by close contact. REPULS® deterrent spray is highly effective and water-soluble, so it won’t linger.

BAC Tactical offers high-quality and fully functional self-defense equipment, including bullet-resistant vests, backpacks, and the superb REPULS® spray. Check out our supply online or contact us if you have any questions.

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