5 Benefits of Bulletproof Vests for Security Personnel

bulletproof vests

Labor statistics show that there are over one million security guards working in the US.

These are the people responsible for protecting our hospitals, schools, and our of course our lives. They often have to face dangerous situations and even more dangerous individuals. It’s only right, then, that they should have access to the best possible protection.

Bulletproof vests are a must-have item of protective clothing for security personnel. But what are some of the benefits of this kind of body armor? Let’s take a look!

1. Unbeatable Protection

Modern security personnel often have to fulfill several roles at once. As such, they may find themselves in a high-risk situation at a moment’s notice and having to prepare for the worst means protecting yourself with the best.

As you’d expect, different bulletproof vests offer varying degrees of protection but even the lowest NIJ level available, Soft Armor Level II, stops .357 Magnum and 9mm Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) from short-barrel handguns. Of course, you would need to assess the security personnel’s role to determine the appropriate level of protection.

For example, security personnel protecting high-risk clients would likely need NIJ IIIA soft armor with those working in especially hostile situations might even need a higher level of protection such as NIJ III or IV hard armor plates. For other security protective roles a bulletproof jacket might be suitable.

2. Discreet Covert Styles

Vests for security personnel also come in a variety of sizes and styles. Many people imagine body armor to be bulky and obvious; however, with modern materials covert bulletproof vests are almost impossible for the average person to detect.

Meticulous expert designers make these bulletproof vest styles to fit against the wearer’s body. The aim is to wear covert vests beneath other items of clothing for discreet full protection. Covert bulletproof protection offers an obvious advantage for security personnel working undercover. It also makes it far easier for members of a covert security detail to keep safe while blending in with others.

Discreet bulletproof vests may also be preferable for security staff working in a variety of roles. For example, it might not inspire confidence in shoppers to see security personnel wearing full-on body armor. Likewise, school security may have to protect themselves against intruders and student shooters but covert protection wouldn’t alert or worry children like overt bulletproof vests might.

3. Intimidating Overt Body Armor

Certain assignments might call for visible security personnel wearing overt bulletproof vests.

Overt body armor can also include bulletproof accessories and clothing for security personnel. This might include slash-resistant jackets and shirts, bulletproof helmets, and arm guards. But, as ever, the most appropriate form of protection often depends on the assignment.

In these cases, such visible protection can act as a deterrent toward a threat or potential hostile activity. Sometimes, the mere sight of security personnel kitted out in heavy-duty body armor is enough to stop trouble in its tracks not least because this kind of protection serves to show the wearer’s professional status.

4. Hidden Equipment Storage

What many people don’t realize about bulletproof vests is that they can sometimes offer more than protection. Their aim is to make it easy for you to do whatever it takes to survive. As such, many vest models don’t only keep you safe from rounds. They also let you carry equipment for fast access when needed. This is possible thanks to a MOLLE (modular lightweight load bearing equipment) system.

With storage space for ammo and arms, bulletproof vests help you defend as well as protect yourself from unwanted threats. The MOLLE system also allows for hands-free combat, and provides a discrete and accessible way to store whatever extras you might need.

5. Flexible and Comfortable

The protection they offer isn’t the only reason that vests are ideal in professional security situations. They also allow security personnel to remain comfortable, cool, and flexible while they keep both themselves and whoever they are guarding safe. This is because another benefit of modern bulletproof vests is how easy they are to wear, even for extended periods.

While this comfort will depend on the vest itself, top-quality soft armor vests are flexible enough to allow for a full range of movement and breath-ability. As such, you can almost forget that you’re wearing a vest, all while remaining protected against a range of threats.

That said, you’ll need to follow these protective gear care instructions to ensure that your bulletproof vest and clothing remain comfortable and effective in the future.

The Benefits of Bulletproof Vests for Security Personnel

As this guide shows, there are many ways that investing in bulletproof vests can help protect security personnel.

We trust these people to help protect our lives knowing that theirs could be at risk. It’s hard to see them injured or killed in situations that wearing a vest could have prevented, especially when these vests are so accessible and easy to wear.

Whether the task calls for a discreet bulletproof vest or overt protective gear and clothing for security personnel, the protection, flexibility, and comfort offered by BAC Tactical body armor are second to none.

Want more information on bulletproof accessories and clothing? Contact us today with any queries or questions, or feel free to browse our full range for more inspiration!

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